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Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., discusses his campaign's strategy after a Tuesday victory in his native South Carolina -- a state the candidate had said he must win to remain competitive.

The ricin scare drove senators to the House side of the Capitol as police and Marines continued to quarantine unopened mail in Senate offices. Margaret Warner discusses the most recent developments with Time magazine correspondent Elaine Shannon.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut thanked his fellow candidates and bowed out of the presidential race after poor performances in all of the seven state primaries and caucuses held around the country.

As the South Carolina primary arrives, Democratic presidential hopefuls battle to woo the state's large African-American and military veteran populations. Ray Suarez reports from South Carolina on the politics of the Palmetto State.

President Bush proposed a $2.4 trillion 2005 budget Monday, which includes increases in defense and homeland security spending and budget reductions for the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency. Members of Congress debate the budget's potential effect on the…

Seven states will hold primary elections on Feb. 3, allocating 269 delegate votes to the candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. A candidate must win at least 2,159 delegate votes to become the party's nominee.