PBS NewsHour reclassifies Idaho Secretary of State-elect Phil McGrane as an ‘election defender’

Following alerts from our audience and others, the PBS NewsHour has decided to delete a tweet we posted about Idaho Secretary of State-elect Phil McGrane.

The NewsHour has moved McGrane from the category “fuels doubts” to “election defender”. Our original decision was based on Mr. McGrane’s previous words in the April primary debate. (We have three categories: those denying the election, those fueling doubt and those defending the election. Here is a look at our approach.)

After we reported this categorization in a tweet, we heard from some Idaho reporters and viewers and reached out to the candidate himself. Talking with our public media colleagues and, especially, with Mr. McGrane, we now know that he is an election defender.

McGrane told NewsHour correspondent Lisa Desjardins, “Joe Biden was fairly elected.”

The original tweet has been deleted and our charts will be updated.