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Political Checklist: All About Bain

In this week’s Political Checklist, Political Editor Christina Bellantoni chatted with senior correspondents Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff about Bain Capital and President Obama’s declaration that the election would be “about” Mitt Romney’s record at the private equity firm.

Gwen pointed out that the Bain attacks fizzled out during the GOP primary in part because there wasn’t a clear distinction in position. Now, the president is trying to portray himself as the guy who cares about the middle class, and suggesting Romney only cares about business.

Judy noted that when Romney is on the campaign trail, he very rarely talks about his experience as governor of Massachusetts. Gwen said the Bay State’s strong Democratic trend is one reason voters hear more about Bain.

Cassie Chew shot and edited this video.

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