Political Checklist: Campaigns Tracking Your Every Move

In this week’s Political Checklist, political editor Christina Bellantoni talked with correspondent Hari Sreenivasan about his two-part Frontline piece airing on the NewsHour Monday and Tuesday. The program looks at how the campaigns are learning about you through online data.

So how do the campaigns target you? Sreenivasan spent some time with the firm Aristotle, which is supplying voter data to both President Obama and Mitt Romney’s campaigns this season.

In the piece, Sreenivasan asks what information they’ve collected on him, and ends up learning about what a campaign could learn about a voter like him, a registered independent living in the battleground state of Virginia.

During the Checklist, we also talked about journalist Sasha Issenberg and his book “The Victory Lab.” Sreenivasan chatted with Issenberg this fall, and I hosted him for a book chat diving into a topic this weekend.

Justin Sculetti shot and edited this video.

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