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Political Checklist: GOP Field Clearer With Pawlenty In, Daniels Out

In just the past day, the 2012 Republican presidential field has become clearer as Indiana governor Mitch Daniels opted out of the race and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty went all in with a new web video.

In this week’s edition of the Political Checklist, Senior Correspondent Gwen Ifill and Political Editor David Chalian explore what we know about the GOP field as the candidates compete for the nomination and the chance to challenge President Obama in 2012.

Tied to that primary, as well as Tuesday’s special Congressional election in New York’s 26th district, is the debate over the future of Medicare. Will Republicans rally to Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare voucher idea, or abandon it if this special election goes poorly for the GOP? Gwen and David look at the possibilities.

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