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Political Checklist: President Obama’s Budget a ‘Starting Point’

After President Obama unveiled his 2012 budget proposal Monday, Political Editor David Chalian spoke with Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff about the limits — and possibilities — of a budget that likely will be rejected by House Republicans.

Gwen pointed out that the budget proposed by the president usually is not the spending plan adopted by Congress. Nonetheless, Judy called the president’s budget a “starting point” on the debate over how the government should spend its money.

The debate over government spending is expected to heat up this week as Republicans unveil their proposal for funding the government through the remainder of the fiscal year – which is different from the 2012 budget debate. Some Republican members want to cut $100 billion from the president’s 2011 budget proposal.

The team also discussed the potential 2012 GOP candidates who spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend.

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