Political Checklist: Tracking Enthusiasm in the Tar Heel State


In this week’s Political Checklist, political editor Christina Bellantoni chatted with senior correspondent Jeff Brown about his piece on the NewsHour Tuesday, looking at North Carolina.

Jeff went to the Tar Heel State to gauge enthusiasm among President Obama’s supporters this time around, given his slim 14,000-vote margin victory there four years ago. He found that the state remains in play, despite early indications it was out of reach for the president, and also noted that it’s been competitive enough that Mitt Romney’s campaign has been forced to spend money on the airwaves.

We also got to the bottom of why the piece begins with Jeff in the ring. Literally! Watch it on the NewsHour at 6 p.m. EST.

Don’t miss the behind-the-scenes slide show from the trip compiled by online politics production assistant Meena Ganesan.

Cassie M. Chew shot and edited this video.

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