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Political Checklist: What Can Obama Accomplish in His Jobs Speech?

David Chalian and Gwen Ifill preview a big week in American politics: Wednesday night the Republican presidential candidates face off in another debate, which will be frontrunner Rick Perry’s first. As Wednesday’s Morning Line describes it,

All eyes will be on Texas Gov. Rick Perry as he takes the stage to participate in his first debate of the presidential campaign season. In just a little over three weeks, Perry has skyrocketed to the head of the pack and will, therefore, be wearing the largest target at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., Wednesday night.

Thursday night President Obama will address a joint session of Congress to lay out his new jobs plan amid the lowest poll numbers of his presidency.

Gwen cautions that one speech isn’t likely to turn the president’s low approval ratings around, but that an improvement in the economy or a weak Republican candidate could change his fortunes down the line.

Look to the NewsHour’s website and broadcast for coverage of the president’s Thursday speech, as well as analysis of the Republican debate in Thursday’s Morning Line and broadcast. Visit our politics page for the latest coverage.

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