Politico Reporter: Obama, GOP Set to ‘Out-Reasonable’ Each Other

Ahead of this Thursday’s bipartisan health care reform summit convened by President Obama, we spoke with Politico reporter Craig Gordon about the president’s new health reform proposals, how Democrats will try to sell his plan and whether there’s any room for common ground on reform between Democrats and Republicans.

As for the televised summit, Gordon said the president and the GOP will try to “out-reasonable each other” to paint themselves as sensible, open to ideas and responsive to the needs of the American public.

Watch the full discussion:

With the mid-term elections later this year, President Obama is in a tough spot trying to pass reform in its current shape. If the Senate tries to pass it with a 51-vote majority in a process known as reconciliation, it will be easy for Republicans to cast that as a political trick, Gordon said.

“I don’t think that’ll play well with the public,” he said.

However, Gordon says Mr. Obama appears to still have a reservoir of good will among the public that me might dip into to help push his health reform effort over the finish line.

Video production and editing by Quinn Bowman.