Politico Reporter: Primaries Test Power of Parties’ Establishments

Politico national political reporter James Hohmann stopped by The Rundown Tuesday to talk about the first big day of the 2010 midterm season as voters head to the polls in Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Kentucky to select their party’s U.S. Senate nominee for the November general election.

Hohmann reports that in all three races, candidates associated with the traditional power brokers of the Democratic and Republican parties are facing the possibility of losing their nomination battles to insurgent candidates fueled by anger at Washington.

He also points out that these are not national elections – these primaries will measure the attitude of partisan primary voters and not the larger electorate.

“This is the party base, and it’s the base that’s critical in midterm elections when turnout is much lower than during a presidential year. And its the base that’s frustrated…that feels that their leaders in a lot of cases have betrayed them or let them down,” Hohmann said.

Stay tuned to The Rundown and Politico Tuesday night for updates and analysis on the primaries.