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Politico: White House Juggling Crises on Domestic and Foreign Policy Fronts

Politico White House reporter Josh Gerstein stopped by The Rundown Tuesday to talk with us about how the White House is dealing with a domestic crisis – the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico – as well as several high profile international problems in North Korea, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

“The best-laid plans of presidents can be driven off in other directions, I think some folks would’ve thought at this point we’d be talking about the Supreme Court confirmation battle or something along those lines and now you have the White House spread in a bunch of different directions,” Gerstein said.

The biggest issue for President Obama is the Gulf oil leak, Gerstein said, and the White House announced that Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen will now give a daily briefing on the effort to contain and stop the deep sea oil leak.

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