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Poultry Pardon: Cobbler and Gobbler Lucky Turkeys

The day before Thanksgiving, President Obama performed the annual turkey pardon at the White House.

On Tuesday, the White House blog introduced the two turkeys, Cobbler and Gobbler, who headed to Washington for the annual Thanksgiving holiday pardon:

Born on the same day on a farm in Rockingham County, Va., Cobbler and Gobbler may look alike, but they’re no birds of a feather. Cobbler craves cranberries, is known for his strut and enjoys the musical stylings of Carly Simon. Gobbler, a patient but proud bird, loves to nibble on corn and enjoys any music with a fiddle.

Only one of the toms, Cobbler, attended Wednesday’s presidential pardon ceremony at the White House. The winner was determined by a contest on the White House Facebook page. After the ceremony, both birds will then head to their future home at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate.

Last year, lucky bird Liberty, the 2011 National Thanksgiving Turkey, received the pardon, with turkey Peace as the understudy.

Want to learn more about this annual tradition? Last year, the White House blog also released “the definitive history of the Presidential Turkey Pardon.”

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