Prepare for the polls with the PBS NewsHour Election Day toolkit

Election Day is finally upon us. After two years of campaigning, debating and polling, it’s understandable if you’re feeling an overall sense of political disorientation.

You may know who you’re voting for on the presidential ticket, or maybe not. You may know every issue like the back of your hand, or might have your TPP mixed up with your DAPL.

Don’t fret, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered our best resources to help you learn about the candidates, the issues and even about yourself. So, take a look at our 2016 election tool kit below, and share your own favorite election resources in the comments. And don’t forget to watch complete PBS NewsHour coverage of election night, live streaming here and on your local PBS station.

Before we get started, don’t miss our overview of what to watch for on election day, and where to find the issues that’ll be on your local ballot.

Learn about: Yourself

Where do you fit? The 2016 Political Party Quiz
We partnered with the Pew Research Center to create the 2016 Political Party Quiz. Answer 11 questions and find out where you land on the political spectrum in 2016.

Are you an informed voter?screen-thing Voters are angry. That’s the story we’ve heard all year long. But as a voter, is your anger based on facts? We teamed up with Jim Stone, author of “Five Easy Theses: Common-Sense Solutions to America’s Greatest Economic Challenges,” to see how informed you are about the economic challenges America faces. Be warned: this quiz is no walk in the park. Nobody said good citizenship was easy.

Do you live in a bubble? A quiz.
There is no doubt, the country is divided. But which side of the divide do you live on? And how well do you know the other side? Charles Murray, a libertarian political scientist and author created this quiz for us, based on his controversial book, “Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010.”

Learn about: The Candidates

In a rush? Read our bullet points on what the candidates believe:
What does Hillary Clinton believe? Where the candidate stands on 12 issues
What does Donald Trump believe? Where the candidate stands on 10 issues

Got a few minutes? Learn about Trump and Clinton’s personal backstories.

Learn about: The issues

The economy and taxes:

Social issues:

Global issues:

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