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Reid on Biden Deficit Talks: No Vacation

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Friday said progress is being made in the deficit reduction and the debt ceiling negotiations led by Vice President Joe Biden, but said congressional recesses are getting in the way.

“I have one big complaint, and that is, they shouldn’t be taking breaks. They should be meeting every week, multiple times each week. And all these congressional recesses, that should have no bearing,” Reid said in an interview with Jim Lehrer, which airs in full on Friday’s NewsHour broadcast. “We must reduce our debt. We must increase the debt limit. And there’s no vacation during this time. We’ve got to move forward.”

He continued:

“But until it’s done, it’s not done. There’s still some bridges to cross. I of course believe that the debt is extremely important. We’ve got to focus on that, reduce that debt. We’ve got to make sure it’s done fairly, though. It can’t all be done on the backs of the old people, as the so-called Ryan budget wants to do – the Republicans want to do. It can’t all be done with domestic discretionary spending. There are certain things we have to protect.”

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Watch the full interview.

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