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Rep. Adam Schiff calls Trump Jr. emails ‘very significant, deeply disturbing’

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Adam Schiff, D- Calif., addressed the email chain Donald Trump Jr. released Tuesday about his meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer to discuss damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee called the emails “very significant, deeply disturbing new public information about direct contacts between Russia and the very center of the Trump family, campaign and organization.”

Schiff also said that the meeting may have been a “testing of the waters by the Russians to see if the campaign would be receptive to their engagement and involvement” in the election.

The emails, he said, “I think, made quite clear that the Russian government had possession of damaging information” about Clinton, and that they approached Trump Jr. “to test whether Donald Trump wanted this information.”

Schiff said that, when approached by a foreign government offering to interfere with the presidential election, Trump Jr. should have reported it to the FBI.

Watch the full news conference below:

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