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Republicans delay funding vote, anticipating president’s request to arm Syrian rebels

PBS NewsHour will live stream President Barack Obama’s prime-time address to the nation scheduled for 9 p.m. EDT tonight. Following the address, NewsHour political analysts Mark Shields and David Brooks will discuss the president’s remarks.

Expecting President Barack Obama to request money to arm rebels to fight the Islamic State group in Syria, House Republicans are delaying a vote on a continuing resolution to fund the government, a House leadership aide confirmed today to the NewsHour.

Soon after House Republicans posted their version of the continuing resolution yesterday, the White House — ahead of President Obama’s prime-time address tonight — made a request for them to delay the funding measure, because the president would be asking Congress to arm Syrian rebels, the aide said.

The administration has spent today making the case privately for the policy change and members are under the assumption that he will make the case publicly tonight.

House Republicans will huddle at their conference meeting tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. EDT to see if the funding request should be included in a continuing resolution or be considered separately.

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