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Sanders aims for big fundraising haul in March

NEW YORK — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders raised more than $39.7 million in March and is aiming to surpass $43.5 million for the month, his campaign said Thursday as both he and rival Hillary Clinton face monthly fundraising deadlines.

Sanders raised more money than Clinton in February but the former secretary of state has maintained an advantage in cash on hand. The fundraising is important as the Democrats prepare for next week’s Wisconsin primary and New York’s primary on April 19.

Clinton campaigned in the suburbs of New York City on Thursday while Sanders held events in Pittsburgh and New York City.

In Pittsburg, Thursday, dozens of people in various union T-shirts — including United Steelworkers and a letter carrier’s union — stood behind Sanders as he addressed the media.

Sanders attacked Clinton for supporting NAFTA and free trade agreements with China, saying they made it easier for corporations to ship jobs to other countries and leave Americans out of work.

He called for “a moral economy, not an economy based on greed and selfishness.”

Sanders said that even when factories don’t close, the trade agreements relegate workers in a “race to the bottom,” with corporations going to unions and forcing them to make concessions under threat of moving out of the country.

Associated Press writer Ken Thomas wrote this report.

Joseph Mandak contributed to this report from Pittsburgh.

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