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Female members of Congress stand in protest as members of the Senate Judiciary Committee meet to vote on the nomination of judge Brett Kavanaugh to be a Supreme Court associate justice on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Photo by Jim Bourg/Reuters

Senate panel sets 1:30 p.m. vote on Kavanaugh

WASHINGTON — The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote at 1:30 p.m. on whether to recommend Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the full Senate.

The chairman, Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley, announced the vote as the committee began its meeting.

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Kavanaugh has just picked up a key vote of support from a committee Republican, Arizona’s Jeff Flake.

Republicans have slim 11-10 majority on the committee. With Flake’s support, Kavanaugh’s nomination is expected to clear the committee and go to the full Senate.

The Senate could begin taking procedural votes over the weekend ahead of a final confirmation vote early next week.

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