Shields and Brooks on Immigration and the NFL

The Doubleheader with Mark Shields and David Brooks returns this week in a slightly modified format.

And we’re back. After a brief summer hiatus, the Doubleheader — with syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks — returns in a slightly new format. Now that I’m anchoring in New York, we’re going to try conducting the Doubleheader via Google Hangouts. (Tell us what you think so far and we’ll keep you posted.)

In our sport of politics section, the gentlemen pundits find agreement between the topic of immigration in the upcoming legislative session, but you may be disappointed to know why. In the politics of sport, we discuss the NFL season and this year’s Super Bowl picks.

Enjoy your weekend and join us! (From the shameless plug department, in case you haven’t heard by now the Newshour is expanding to seven days a week. Want to watch? We thought so, so we produced this handy user guide. So now you can watch us seven days a week.) You can subscribe to Hari on Facebook, Google Plus and on Twitter @Hari.