Shields and Brooks take ‘The Doubleheader’ live

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, thank you so much for participating in a special live edition of “The Doubleheader,” the show where we talk about the sport of politics and the politics of sport with syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks.

In our traditional examination of politics and sports, we opened with the farm bill and the NBA finals, and then we took question (LeBron or Michael?) after question (Will climate change become a leading issue among politicians?) after question (Favorite ball park?) from viewers across different social media platforms. Many of you had submitted questions through our website, some of you tweeted at us and some of you let us know on Facebook.

Everyone who got a question on our air will get a prize, most likely a PBS NewsHour hat or notebook. We’ll be getting in touch with you throughout the week. For Mark and David and myself, I can tell you we had a ball.

Have a great weekend.

A larger than usual team to make all this happen today. Joshua Barajas shot this video, Travis Daub and Justin Scuiletti helped switch sources, Cindy Huang brought us the audio. Colleen Shalby kept tabs of the social streams and Meena Ganesan edited. Margaret Myers produced.