Shields and Brooks on Bachmann’s Retirement, Yankee Favoritism

NewsHour Political Editor Christina Bellantoni guest-hosts the Doubleheader with Mark Shields and David Brooks

Mark Shields and David Brooks made a triumphant return to the Doubleheader Friday and I filled the host chair as Hari Sreenivasan is off getting married!

The “sport of politics” kicked off with talk of one former Republican and a soon-to-be-former member of Congress. David thinks retiring Rep. Michele Bachmann is a media creation, and Mark said he thinks he over-estimated her rise when she won the Ames, Iowa, presidential straw poll in 2011.

In the “politics of sport” section, David demonstrated his Mets pride, and Mark compared the Miami Heat to the Yankees.

Relatedly, this week Team Politics went on a field trip to watch the Nationals crush the Orioles. (Woo!)

And as discussed the last time I hosted the Doubleheader, the NewsHour’s No Commercials, No Mercy team met our goal for a 3-mile charity run — to out-run a senator. Turns out we out-ran a bunch to earn our fourth-place finish in the ACLI Capital Challenge.

Finally, as you may have heard Judy Woodruff mention on the show, we’re hosting a special “Doubleheader Live” version on June 21. We will be streaming live from our newsroom and you can join in: leave questions for Mark and David below, or tweet us at @NewsHour using the hashtag #Doubleheaderlive. Join us!

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This video was shot and edited by Joshua Barajas and Justin Scuiletti.

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