Shields and Brooks on Hillary’s Hints, Congressional Baseball Game

NewsHour political editor Christina Bellantoni guest-hosts the Doubleheader with Mark Shields and David Brooks.

Mark Shields and David Brooks got a little edgy in Friday’s Doubleheader. It may not be the segment’s first mention of sex, but it definitely will get your attention.

I am still filling in for Hari Sreenivasan, who is finishing his honeymoon but will soon make his triumphant return.

Under “sport of politics,” Mark and David weighed in on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s moves of late. She’s joined Twitter and added to all the presidential ambition speculation with a big speech at the Clinton Global Initiative in Chicago.

She even tweeted a selfie with daughter Chelsea, so David and I took one too.

Just like the last time I sat in for Hari, we talked about baseball for the “politics of sport” section. Specifically, the annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game.

It had a, shall we say, embarrassing result for the Republicans, who used to dominate in wins of the coveted Roll Call trophy.

I admit it took all my composure to not promote the Congressional Women’s Softball Game, happening June 26. I am playing in the game a charity event pitting female members of the press against female members of Congress. It’s a great cause, and feel free to support it or buy tickets for the battle now. (For the record, the Bad News Babes press team claimed victory last summer.)

Finally: Get excited! Hari is hosting a special “Doubleheader Live” version on June 21. We will be streaming live from our newsroom and you can join in. Leave questions for Mark and David below, or tweet us at @NewsHour using the hashtag #Doubleheaderlive. Join us!

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This video was shot and edited by Joshua Barajas and Justin Scuiletti.