Shields and Brooks on John Edwards’ Future, Moral Struggles Over LeBron

The lesson from this week’s Doubleheader is that we all miss Hari Sreenivasan (who will return soon). I’ve has been filling in for Hari and I’m clearly not up to the “politics of sport” task. Yes, I know LeBron plays for the Heat. Never mind what that video up there sounds like.

For our “sport of politics” section, syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks agreed that former Sen. John Edwards’ political career is pretty much over. The guys both admitted falling for Edwards and his “Two Americas” message in 2004. But despite his acquittal Thursday, they think Edwards would be unable to run for office again.

In our politics of sport section, we lamented the outcome of the Preakness Stakes race in Baltimore. Mark and Christina bet on Daddy Nose Best, while David was rooting for Teeth of the Dog. Whoops!

Next week we’ll talk about whether I’ll Have Another can break the Triple Crown curse and win the Belmont Stakes.

Then we turned to basketball, with the guys mocking LeBron James’ “narcissism.” Bonus points for Mark’s awesome Al Capone reference.

Cassie M. Chew shot and edited this video.

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