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Shields and Brooks on Pot Laws, RGIII and Heisman Picks

‘Tis indeed another Friday which means it’s time for the Doubleheader, where syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks tackle the sport of politics and the politics of sport. Tonight we discuss the fact that three states of the nation, by popular vote, have made marijuana more legal or less illegal depending on how you look at it. The federal laws however have not changed.

In an extended sports section we talk about the phenomenon eclipsing D.C. known as RG III. For the uninitiated, he is the dazzling quarterback of the Washington Redskins who is able to pull out plays where there should not be any. We also talk a bit about the picks for the Heisman trophy which will be awarded Saturday night (RGII won it last year). Mark did get serious for a moment in his concern for NFL players based on the new Boston University report. Our Friends at Frontline had an article worth reading on the latest developments. I mentioned that the Newshour had aired a piece by Stone Phillips on the force with which very young football players hit. Its worth watching.

Have a great weekend.

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