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Shields, Brooks on Super PAC Donation Ethics, Ryan Braun, Civility, Oscars

When we have the chance to have an informal chat with Mark Shields and David Brooks, we take it. The sport of politics portion of our conversation includes their views on super PACs. This week Bill Maher, Jeffrey Katzenberg and the SEIU pledged millions to help re-elect President Obama as billionaire Peter Thiel continues to write sizable checks to support Ron Paul, or as he says build a libertarian base for 2016. What do you think of that plan? Tell us in the comments.

As we turn to the politics of sport, our topic is Ryan Braun, the baseball player who became the first to challenge the drug-testing procedure of Major League Baseball and win.

We also seal our Oscar ballots (just the top four categories) for unveiling at a later date. The porch in Nebraska reference is an homage to Carnac the magnificent.

Finally, we mention that Mark and David received an award for their civility in public life and their work on the NewsHour from Allegheny College. Coincidence that it came to them after they began appearing on The Doubleheader? I think not.

Have a great weekend.

This video was shot by Mike Fritz, and edited by Larisa Epatko.
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