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Shields and Brooks on Super PACs, Subtraction and Spoiled Lakers

Once again in our regular look at the sport of politics and the politics of sports, we chat with New York Times columnist David Brooks and syndicated columnist Mark Shields.

Topic 1: Super PACs. The Sunlight Foundation reported this week on return on investment of all the outside spending groups. It’s worth a look.

Topic 2: Mark Shields and his uncanny ability to do long subtraction on-the-fly, which neither Brooks nor I seem to have. (But then that’s the difference between growing up with calculators and…not.) I reference another touchstone — whether or not you grew up in an era when Snuffleupagus wasn’t visible to anyone other than Big Bird.

Topic 3: The Los Angeles Bryants, err, I mean the Lakers fired their coach after a lousy start. Eventually there was a Bieber reference. I’ll leave it at that.

Have a great weekend.

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