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Shields, Brooks on Trillion Dollar Coins, ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ Hall of Fame Woes

In this installment of the Doubleheader, New York Times columnist David Brooks and I save the drubbing that syndicated columnist Mark Shields deserves — for last week’s wager that Notre Dame would win the BCS — until the end.

For the more serious element of our chat, i.e. the sport of politics, we tackle whether the trillion dollar coin is a serious idea, as well as whether the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” leaves audiences with the impression that torturing sources helped capture Osama bin Laden. (We had a good debate between journalists Mark Bowden and Jane Mayer on the NewsHour Thursday.)

In the politics of sport, since both of our “boys of summer” follow baseball, we talked about the visual statement (a blank page) made by the New York Times over the omission by Baseball Hall of Fame of certain legendary, living players, tainted by steroid use or allegation. The NewsHour aired a conversation about that subject as well — click here.

In the end, we managed to return to the wager made by Mark Shields (a Notre Dame alum) that his team would win the BCS championship last Monday. They so thoroughly did not.

Have a great weekend.

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