Shields and Brooks Assess Obama’s Appeal to the Party Faithful

Syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks stopped by the Rundown Friday to talk about the future of the Defense of Marriage Act, the impact of different interest groups on the political future of President Obama and their predictions on which team will win the World Cup this weekend.

The regular Friday duo agreed that in light of a federal judge’s decision this week that the federal Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional, the Obama administration will be forced to appeal a law that President Obama said he would like to see repealed – a problem for his liberal base of support in the Democratic Party.

“President Obama and the Democrats cannot allow the election of 2010 to be ‘Did we live up to your expectation?'” Shields said. He said President Obama should try to frame the 2010 election for the Democratic base as a choice between a less-than-perfect governance and the prospect of electing Republicans who don’t share their views.

Brooks said the Obama administration is getting criticized on economic policy from both big business leaders who see him as anti-business, while his liberal base is also complaining about his policy decisions.

“The Obama administration is getting hit on both sides. It almost makes you think if you’re going to be in this sort of climate, if you’re going to be president, just pick a base and stick with that base, because at least you’ll have somebody on your side,” Brooks said.

And both columnists said they thought the Netherlands would win the World Cup on Sunday.

Video editing by Mike Fritz.