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Shields, Brooks on Trayvon Martin, Saints, ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Hunger Games’

Our dynamic duo of syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks, who shock and surprise us every week with their vast knowledge of sports and (sometimes) pop culture weigh in again on this episode of The Doubleheader.

For the serious business, the two discussed the laws and climate in place surrounding community watch programs, vigilantism and justice surrounding Trayvon Martin’s killing. We had a conversation on the topic earlier this week. Gwen Ifill’s column this week also explored the idea of standing one’s ground.

On the lighter side, we had a very full plate; the NFL meted out some of its most severe fines ever against the New Orleans Saints for the practice of offering bounties to players who made exceptionally hard hits on quarterbacks.

FInally, Shields and Brooks also weighed in on the “Mad Men” and “The Hunger Games” phenomena.

Have a great weekend.

*This video was shot and edited by Justin Scuiletti.
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