Sotomayor: ‘Every Day We Live Our Life, We Make a Choice’

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor tells the story of her childhood growing up with a difficult mother, an alcoholic father and a deeply loving grandmother. Her new memoir, “My Beloved World,” gives an exceptionally personal portrait of the justice from youth to judgeship.

But before she put her story to paper, she faced choices. How intimately should she describe her experiences? How much should she share?

In one situation, she asked her cousin and aunt if she could write about a cousin who died after struggling with AIDS and a drug addiction. For writing about her mother, the choice came more easily.

“We had come to that decision in our life together. We’ve done a lot of talking through the years, this book chronicles that. And we’ve come to peace with the things that I felt and experienced…. That’s what the book describes, how we walked my life together,” she said.

On Wednesday’s NewsHour, Sotomayor talks more with Gwen Ifill about her past and her experience as a Supreme Court justice. You can watch a web-only excerpt here:

Photos courtesy Sonia Sotomayor’s collection. This video was edited by Justin Scuiletti.

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