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Supreme Court Live Blog: Awaiting Same-Sex Marriage and Voting Rights Act Rulings

Landmark rulings from the Supreme Court on two major issues could come this morning. The court is set to issue decisions on the Voting Rights Act section 5, and California’s Proposition 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which both involve same-sex marriage, before its term ends this week.

The ritual of a justice reading decisions from the bench begins at 10 a.m. SCOTUSblog’s live blog, below, starts around 9 a.m. The Court has only six cases this term for which it still must announce decisions.

A much-awaited decision came Monday, when the justices decided to resolve a case testing affirmative action in higher education by sending the issue back to lower courts with specific directions. National Law Journal correspondent Marcia Coyle discussed that outcome on the NewsHour here.

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And for more perspective on the outstanding major cases, check out our Voting Rights Act Oral History project and a religion and gay marriage Google Hangout here.

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