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Live Blog: Supreme Court to Rule on Pair of Same-Sex Marriage Cases

Wednesday is the day. The Supreme Court will decide its two most-awaited cases of the year — on same-sex marriage policies in California and nationally — shortly after 10 a.m. The rulings could offer a significant federal stamp of approval for gay marriage, or they could preserve laws that don’t let governments recognize gay couples.

Both may be shaded by Tuesday’s court decision, the overturning of enforcement policies behind the key provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The act has been called one of the most effective pieces of civil rights legislation, and civil rights leaders say Tuesday’s decision deals a significant blow to ensuring Americans’ ability to vote without facing discrimination. PBS NewsHour has analysis from Marcia Coyle from the National Law Journal and debate from Edward Blum of the Project on Fair Representation and Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund on the topic.

The justices will begin reading decisions from the bench at 10 a.m. EDT Wednesday. We expect to see opinions regarding the legal challenges to California’s Proposition 8 and to the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Follow the rulings on SCOTUSblog’s live blog, below. The coverage begins at 9 a.m. EDT.

To learn more about these cases and the Proposition 8 and DOMA laws, check out the NewsHour’s in-depth coverage.


  • A conservative attorney and California’s attorney general debate Proposition 8.
  • National Law Journal Marcia Coyle analyze the Proposition 8 arguments in the Supreme Court.
  • The NewsHour host a debate on the Defense of Marriage Act.
  • Marcia Coyle describe the legal arguments that challenged the Defense of Marriage Act.
  • And a Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi, a United Church of Christ minister and an evangelical pastor discuss where they stand on religion and gay rights. NewsHour political editor Christina Bellantoni hosted them via Google Hangout.

We’ve also collected a few useful links from other sources:

  • This New York Times graphic shows the possible outcomes the potentially blockbuster Supreme Court cases on same-sex marriage.
  • Pew Research Center collects its recent public opinion surveys on gay marriage and homosexuality.
  • The Human Rights Campaign, which has led much of the same-sex marriage advocacy efforts, published this map displaying each of the United States’ policies for gay couples.

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