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Ted Cruz reminds everyone why we have professional voice actors

Video by Buzzfeed

Ted Cruz stopped by the Buzzfeed offices to prove he was the biggest fan of “The Simpsons” by working his way through many personalities made famous by the animated comedy.

Buzzfeed published a video Tuesday of the Republican presidential hopeful’s attempted impressions that ranged from Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders to the drooling aliens Kang and Kodos.

Cruz even tented his fingers as he said Mr. Burns’ “Excellent” catchphrase. One can understand, however, why the Texas senator would avoid associating himself with Richard O’Hara, the character known as the trigger-happy Rich Texan on the show.

“I have been told many times, I have a face for radio and I have a face for animation,” Cruz said in the video.

Cruz said he wanted to replace Harry Shearer, the voice of Flanders, Burns and many more characters on the show, who left the show in May.

Shearer, in response, took to Twitter to critique Cruz’s audition.

“When you do different characters, it’s useful to pitch them in different vocal ranges,” Shearer said.

Since almost all of Cruz’s impressions sound the same, he could study a better attempt at “Simpsons” impressions.

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