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Texas gubernatorial candidate gives new meaning to the biographical campaign ad

Video by Greg Abbott campaign

On a summer day in 1984, Greg Abbott was out for a jog, when an oak tree fell on his back, paralyzing him from the waist down. Abbott was only 26 years old at the time of the accident, and has used a wheelchair since.

30 years later, Abbott is now the Texas Attorney General, and is currently running against State Sen. Wendy Davis to be the next governor of the Lone Star state.

This week, Abbott’s campaign released a powerful ad highlighting his ability to overcome the difficulties he faced after his accident. The 30-second spot, narrated by Abbott, shows the Attorney General rolling up the ramps of a parking garage.

Abbott: “After my accident I had to rebuild my strength. I would roll up an eight-story parking garage, spending hours going up the ramps.”

“With each floor it got harder and harder, but I wouldn’t quit. Just one more, I’d tell myself. Just one more.”

“I see life that way, and that’s how I’ll govern Texas. To get to the top we must push ourselves to do just one more.”

The ad, which makes no mention of his opponent or his policy positions, clearly aims to depict Abbott as an everyman. In recent attack ads, Davis has criticized the attorney general for being “another insider who is just not working for us.”

Davis gained national attention last year, when she filibustered a restrictive abortion bill in the Texas State Senate. But despite Davis’ filibuster fame, Abbott has remained the strong front runner, in a state that has only had two, single-term Democratic governors since 1979.

The most recent polling from Rasmussen has Davis trailing the Attorney General by eight points, which is a significant improvement from her 17 point deficit back in July.

Davis remains a longshot to succeed Gov. Rick Perry, but she and state Democrats hope Davis can gain support during the upcoming debates. The two candidates are scheduled to face-off for the first time on September 19 in McAllen, Texas.

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