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The Doubleheader: Shields and Brooks on Gamesmanship, Sportsmanship

After a spring hiatus, Mark Shields and David Brooks are back under the same roof and swung by before Friday’s program for a new Doubleheader.

When talking about the sport of politics this week, we discussed the gamesmanship that both sides have been practicing in the budget process. For some more context, here are several articles we’ve posted — two by reporter/producer Quinn Bowman on exactly what gets cut in the budget for this year and the Republican 2012 proposal passed by the House. Reporter/producer Terence Burlij takes a look at some of the maneuvering by Democrats to box Republicans into an even more conservative proposal.

We also talked basketball this week, as Shields and Brooks teams meet in the NBA playoffs. Also a production note- fear not, the black smoke monster) from LOST is not eating the lower right hand corner of the screen, our camera was stuck between ND filters.
Quinn Bowman shot and edited this video. Follow Hari on Twitter.

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