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Shields and Brooks on Debt Ceilings, Dodgers Takeover and NHL Playoffs

In this week’s Doubleheader with syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks, we discussed how the arguments over the U.S. debt ceiling don’t seem to be disappearing. While Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has made the Sunday talk show circuit trying to quell investor fears that the United States could or would default on its loans, the debate continues.

Two articles about the debt debate referenced in our chat come from Matt Miller in the Washington Post by and Andrew McCarthy at the National Review.

As for the politics of sports, we mentioned the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team recently taken over by Major League Baseball — and how another team Brooks likes might benefit from the same treatment. The Christian Science Monitor has a decent primer on why it happened. We also briefly touch on what has become an exciting first round of playoffs in the NHL — most recently the
Washington Captials over the New York Rangers
in double overtime.

Quinn Bowman taped and edited this video. Follow Hari on Twitter.

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