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The Doubleheader With Shields and Brooks: Egypt, SOTU and Reddit

We’re back.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmCgN00F_JY]

It’s 2011, and we’re bringing our brand of political flavor to new audiences around the globe. Unfortunately tonight, many of our Doubleheader devotees in Egypt will not be seeing our work. President Obama called for Egypt to open up the communication lines for its citizens in a special address tonight. This was a short while after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced to the world that he is replacing his cabinet by tomorrow. We taped this prior to those two statements, but columnists Mark Shields and David Brooks weigh in on the importance of the Egypt situation.

These two pundits have been sitting next to one another long before this State of the Union showed us it possible for members of Congress from different parties to do so. We can disagree agreeably here at the PBS NewsHour, and these guys prove it week after week.

Also – thanks to a tiny little cutout of the Reddit martian appearing behind me at a coworker’s desk, the program has been discussed a fair amount on the news community site this week. So tonight, as a thank you for the love, we displayed it a bit more prominently and would like to allow the community to engage in a virtual Q&A with Shields and Brooks.

We’ll post it in a format Reddit calls “IAMA” (I’ve participated in an IAMA of my own) next week, and we’ll take some of the questions they find most important post our next video on the site as a response.

Follow Hari Sreenivasan on Twitter. Video edited by Quinn Bowman.

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