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Shields and Brooks on Goodwin Liu, Brooks the Meme and the Macho Man

New York Times columnist David Brooks just flew back to D.C. from across the pond (London) in time to make his appearance on the Newshour and of course for a Doubleheader segment with syndicated columnist Mark Shields.

In our sport of politics section, we tackled the nomination and filibuster of President Obama’s judicial nominee Goodwin Liu. For a primer on the matter, see Quinn Bowman’s blog post.

We also kidded a bit about a picture of David Brooks that became an Internet meme thanks to Joshua Green at The Atlantic. Brooks shares the story behind the original image and sees some of the Photoshop handiwork for the first time.

In our sport of politics section, we pay homage to Randy Savage aka the Macho Man, who was integral in bringing professional wrestling into the mainstream popular culture.

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