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The Doubleheader: Shields and Brooks on Tax Cuts, UConn Basketball Streak

In this edition of The Doubleheader, we talk a bit about the grand compromise struck during the lame-duck session of Congress to extend tax cuts enacted under President Bush plus unemployment benefits.

We also explore possible reasons why the omnibus spending bill — loaded with $8.3 billion of earmarks — went down in flames. Both Mark Shields and David Brooks agreed this may be a direct consequence of the tea party’s power. You can search the list of earmarks to see what may have come from your senator.

We also talk about the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team successes. They are on the verge of tying the longest win streak in college basketball on Sunday and perhaps setting a new record on Tuesday. Our princes of political wisdom have an opinion, and it may surprise you.

Quinn Bowman edited this video. Follow @Hari on Twitter.

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