The Doubleheader: Mark Shields Responds to Reddit Questions

How the tables have turned. Last week, David Brooks wound up answering questions solo when Mark Shields was held up. This week, the situation was conveniently reversed, allowing Shields to answer questions posed to him by the Reddit community — just as Brooks did last week.

Shields gave his take on the celebrations in Egypt as President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year reign came to an end in just 18 days, notably without the use of heavy artillery.

He also pointed out that presidents rarely get much credit at home for handling of foreign-policy matters, so President Obama shouldn’t count on democracy supposedly taking root in Egypt as a campaign issue.

Shields also answered questions on what he foresaw as the main attack issue in next year’s presidential campaign, what might be off limits and what’s ahead for the American middle class and the concentration of wealth in the United States.

Video editing by Quinn Bowman