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Arizona Dispatch: SB 1070 Through a Photojournalist’s Lens

PHOENIX | When Arizona’s controversial immigration law, SB 1070, was signed into law in April, it was just a normal day for Arizona Republic photographer Nick Oza. He was out shooting other events for the newspaper when he got the assignment to head to the state Capitol to shoot the breaking news. He’s been covering the immigration debate ever since.

Oza and his colleagues at the Arizona Republic launched a project called 90 Days that begins at the state Capitol building and chronicles the weeks and months that followed.

Oza’s specific job was to cover the daily lives of illegal immigrants. He often “embedded” with them, gaining their trust, going to family events, capturing their intimate moments — but never losing a photojournalist’s unbiased eye.

For Oza and the rest of the Republic staff, the job is not over. Over the weekend, he sent us more of his images and says he plans to keep following many of the people he’s met. You can see the paper’s coverage here.

We caught up with Oza at the Arizona Republic’s offices in Phoenix last week:

You can find the more of the NewsHour’s coverage of SB 1070 here.

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