Farnsworth Honored for ‘The Judge and The General’

Tonight, NewsHour alumna Elizabeth Farnsworth will be honored with one of this year’s prestigious Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards for her work as co-director/producer of “The Judge and the General” — a documentary on the judge who indicted Augusto Pinochet.

Farnsworth and her documentary team “follow one man’s transformation as he investigates human rights violations in Chile from the Pinochet era. The man, Juan Guzmán, is a conservative judge who ultimately challenges General Augusto Pinochet’s immunity and prosecutes him.”

Here’s the 2008 NewsHour segment on the debut of “The Judge and the General.”

She spoke with us from the NewsHour’s bureau in San Francisco about the award and , the documentary:

Watch an excerpt from the documentary on how Pinochet remained in power and evaded prosecution for so long:

Several weeks ago, Farnsworth penned a piece for Rundown reflecting on some of the stories she has covered around the world and where they stand today.

These historic trials – and others around the world – have taught me a lesson about patience and hope. Justice is possible even after the worst of times, even when the powerful seemed permanently beyond the law.

Watch some of Farnsworth’s NewsHour reports on Chile.

If you’re interested in buying the documentary, it’s available through POV’s site.

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