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Trump could break Republican vote records today

WASHINGTON — The Latest on the 2016 presidential campaign (all times local):

Donald Trump likes to boast that he’ll be setting a record for the number of votes won by any candidate in the history of Republican presidential nomination contests.

True or false?

Probably true, and that could happen Tuesday.

A running total of primary votes maintained by The Associated Press shows that through last week’s Indiana primary, Trump had tallied 10,702,962 total votes. The record for a GOP presidential candidate, researched by political analyst Rhodes Cook’s newsletter, is George W. Bush’s total of 10,844,129 votes in the 2000 primary season.

That leaves Trump 141,167 votes short of the record. And there are two GOP primaries Tuesday, in West Virginia and Nebraska. He’s got no rivals left, and it remains to be seen whether enough people will come out to vote for him to give him a record-breaking day.

The overall record for both parties was set by Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2008. She amassed 17,714,899 votes in her losing contest against Barack Obama. He won the nomination while actually polling nearly 300,000 votes fewer than Clinton.

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