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The logo of China's ZTE Corp. is seen on a building in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. Photo by a stringer via Reuters

Trump meets with lawmakers after Senate blocks China ZTE deal

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has met with lawmakers after the Senate moved to block a White House plan to allow Chinese telecom giant ZTE Corp. to buy component parts from the U.S.

ZTE is accused of violating trade laws by selling sensitive technologies to North Korea and Iran. The administration announced an agreement with ZTE earlier this month but has run into opposition in Congress.

The Senate approved a defense package with a provision that would reverse the ZTE agreement. The House approved the bill without the ZTE language.

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Texas Sen. John Cornyn said after the meeting the administration is trying to differentiate between U.S. government procurement and non-government procurement.

Cornyn told reporters that government procurement “is much more sensitive when it comes to national security.”

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