Univ. of Oregon Students Explore Election Issues

University of Oregon journalism students film. Photo by Ed Madison

University of Oregon undergraduate students from the School of Journalism and Communication spent the summer exploring political issues leading up to the presidential election. University of Oregon is participating in the PBS NewsHour’s Vote 2012: College Tour
along with 24 other journalism and political science departments across the country.

Located in Eugene, Oregon, a small northwestern college town of approximately 159,000 residents, the student journalists discovered diverse perspectives on a variety of topics including issues of voter turnout, health care, immigration, school reform, energy, and the environment by asking members of their local community one simple question: “If you had an opportunity to speak with the President of the United States, what would you say?” The multimedia packages, “If I could speak with the President…” detail their results. Explore them by topic below.

Education in an Era of Budget Cuts

Help Wanted

Struggling with Less


Health Care

Larry Kaiel’s Story

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