Students Voice Top Political Issues in Listen To Me: College Edition

Hari Sreenivasan talks to San Jose State University students about the NewsHour’s Vote 2012 College Tour. Photo by D. Michael Cheers

One day before Election Day, the most important issue for most young voters is still the economy — but that’s far from the only thing on their minds. As the NewsHour’s “Vote 2012: College Tour” comes to an end, the partnership with two dozen universities and colleges across the country has revealed that education, foreign policy, immigration reform — to name a few — are also critical issues for many first-time voters. See some of their responses to our “Listen to Me” project below.

Editor’s note: The map in this video incorrectly labels the locations of the University of Oregon and the University of Wisconsin. We regret the error.

Video edited by Thaisi Da Silva

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