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U.S. Senate Approves Kagan to Join Supreme Court

The U.S. Senate voted 63 to 37 Thursday afternoon to approve Elena Kagan as an associate justice to the Supreme Court, making her the fourth woman to become a justice on the nation’s highest court and the third woman on the current court.

President Obama said from Chicago that Kagan’s confirmation was”an affirmation of her character and her temperament; her open-mindedness and evenhandedness; her determination to hear all sides of every story and consider all possible arguments.”

Kagan is not expected to dramatically change the ideological balance of the court. She was appointed by President Obama to replace retiring associate justice John Paul Stevens, a reliable vote in the liberal bloc of the court.

The vote was mostly along party lines, with five Republican senators and two independents voting with Democrats for her confirmation. Nebraska Democrat Ben Nelson was the only senator in his party to join Republicans in voting against her.

We’ll have more about the confirmation proceedings on Thursday’s NewsHour broadcast. You can follow our full coverage of her nomination and confirmation process here.

Here’s the roll call for Thursday’s vote. A “yes” is a vote to confirm the nomination.

State Senators
ALABAMA Sessions (R), No Shelby (R), NoÂ
ALASKA Begich (D), Yes Murkowski (R), NoÂ
ARIZONA Kyl (R), No McCain (R), NoÂ
ARKANSAS Lincoln (D), Yes Pryor (D), Yes
CALIFORNIA Boxer (D), Yes Feinstein (D), Yes
COLORADO Bennet (D), Yes Udall (D), Yes
CONNECTICUT Dodd (D), Yes Lieberman (I), Yes
DELAWARE Carper (D), Yes Kaufman (D), Yes
FLORIDA LeMieux (R), No Nelson (D), Yes
GEORGIA Chambliss (R), No Isakson (R), NoÂ
HAWAII Akaka (D), Yes Inouye (D), Yes
IDAHO Crapo (R), No Risch (R), NoÂ
ILLINOIS Burris (D), Yes Durbin (D), Yes
INDIANA Bayh (D), Yes Lugar (R), Yes
IOWA Grassley (R), No Harkin (D), Yes
KANSAS Brownback (R), No Roberts (R), NoÂ
KENTUCKY Bunning (R), No McConnell (R), NoÂ
LOUISIANA Landrieu (D), Yes Vitter (R), NoÂ
MAINE Collins (R), Yes Snowe (R), Yes
MARYLAND Cardin (D), Yes Mikulski (D), Yes
MASSACHUSETTS Brown (R), No Kerry (D), Yes
MICHIGAN Levin (D), Yes Stabenow (D), Yes
MINNESOTA Franken (D), Yes Klobuchar (D), Yes
MISSISSIPPI Cochran (R), No Wicker (R), NoÂ
MISSOURI Bond (R), No McCaskill (D), Yes
MONTANA Baucus (D), Yes Tester (D), Yes
NEBRASKA Johanns (R), No Nelson (D), NoÂ
NEVADA Ensign (R), No Reid (D), Yes
NEW HAMPSHIRE Gregg (R), Yes Shaheen (D), Yes
NEW JERSEY Lautenberg (D), Yes Menendez (D), Yes
NEW MEXICO Bingaman (D), Yes Udall (D), Yes
NEW YORK Gillibrand (D), Yes Schumer (D), Yes
NORTH CAROLINA Burr (R), No Hagan (D), Yes
NORTH DAKOTA Conrad (D), Yes Dorgan (D), Yes
OHIO Brown (D), Yes Voinovich (R), NoÂ
OKLAHOMA Coburn (R), No Inhofe (R), NoÂ
OREGON Merkley (D), Yes Wyden (D), Yes
PENNSYLVANIA Casey (D), Yes Specter (D), Yes
RHODE ISLAND Reed (D), Yes Whitehouse (D), Yes
SOUTH CAROLINA DeMint (R), No Graham (R), Yes
SOUTH DAKOTA Johnson (D), Yes Thune (R), NoÂ
TENNESSEE Alexander (R), No Corker (R), NoÂ
TEXAS Cornyn (R), No Hutchison (R), NoÂ
UTAH Bennett (R), No Hatch (R), NoÂ
VERMONT Leahy (D), Yes Sanders (I), Yes
VIRGINIA Warner (D), Yes Webb (D), Yes
WASHINGTON Cantwell (D), Yes Murray (D), Yes
WEST VIRGINIA Goodwin (D), Yes Rockefeller (D), Yes
WISCONSIN Feingold (D), Yes Kohl (D), Yes
WYOMING Barrasso (R), No Enzi (R), NoÂ

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