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WATCH: Vice President Pence delivers remarks amid tax plan push

The vice president is set to deliver a speech that focuses on the GOP’s goal of overhauling the tax code.

Pence, speaking to the conservative-leaning American Enterprise Institute today, will be part of the Trump administration’s broader push to get their tax plan through Congress this year.

Trump and GOP leaders have said their tax plan would have cuts for corporations and middle class families and reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to as low as three. However, as several media outlets have reported, the GOP tax plan still have some major gaps that have yet to be fully delineated to the public.

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Later today, President Donald Trump is also planning to join GOP senators during lunch on Capitol Hill. This is the president’s first appearance at the Tuesday policy luncheons. But, after several back-and-forth tweets between the president and Sen. Bob Corker, the weekly luncheons could turn awkward.

This is the latest spar between Trump and GOP senators, as the president has previously traded barbs with Sen. John McCain and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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