WATCH: Blinken says he expects China to “act responsibly” during Pelosi’s Asian tour

Secretary of State Antony Blinken says he expects China to “act responsibly” if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decides to visit Taiwan on her Asian tour.

Watch Blinken’s remarks in the player above.

“If the speaker does decide to visit and China tries to create some kind of crisis or otherwise escalate tensions, that would be entirely on Beijing,” Blinken said. Such a visit will spark fury in Beijing, which regards Taiwan as its own territory and has repeatedly warned of “serious consequences” if the reported trip goes ahead.

China warned of “resolute and strong measures” if the speaker arrived in Taiwan. But the White House sought to ensure Beijing there’s no reason to “come to blows” over a visit from Pelosi and that it would not signal any change in U.S. policy.

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Meanwhile, the first ship carrying Ukrainian grain set out Monday from the port of Odesa under an internationally brokered deal to unblock the embattled country’s agricultural exports and ease the growing global food crisis.

Blinken praised to development as “a good and important first step,” but stressed that the shipment is a small fraction of the 20 million tons in storage in Ukraine. “That’s been held back by the Russian blockade of Odessa up until now, and it needs to get out. It needs to get out to world markets,” Blinken said.