WATCH: California Gov. Newsom speaks on abortion rights, climate change fight

As the U.S. Supreme Court ended the nation’s constitutional protections for abortion, elected leaders and abortion-rights activists in the nation’s most populated state say they’re not giving up the fight.

Watch Newsom’s remarks in the player above.

Abortion will still be legal in California prior to the viability of a fetus.

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has vowed to make California a sanctuary for women who live in other states where abortion could be outlawed or severely restricted.

It’s unknown how many women would come to California for abortions, but the number is expected to be significant.

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The state Legislature is considering 13 bills that would strengthen or expand access to abortion.

The bills are based on a report from the Future of Abortion Council, which Newsom formed last year to study reproductive rights in California.

They include proposals that would help pay for women from other states to come to California for abortions, ban enforcement of out-of-state civil judgments on California abortion providers and volunteers, and increase the number of people who can offer abortions by authorizing some nurse practitioners to perform the procedure without the supervision of a doctor.

Lawmakers also plan to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot in November that would explicitly guarantee the right to an abortion and contraceptives.